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XediaLabs works with entrepreneurs in DC to turn great ideas into great companies. XediaLabs is not just a consulting agency, or an accelerator. XediaLabs is a partner.

For many entrepreneurs, there have historically been two ways to launch a tech startup. Either find a technical co-founder, or hire a consulting agency. The first is very hard, the second is expensive and risky. XediaLabs provides a third option. XediaLabs integrates with early stage startups to validate business assumptions and build the first version of their product.

Our Process.

Customer Validation

The first step in the XedialLabs process is validating the business case. XediaLabs employs lean startup methodologies to fully understand customer needs. If there is not a problem worth paying for, then the solution is not worth building.

Minimum Viable Product

Once the business case has been validated, the focus moves to building the minimum viable product (MVP). The MVP is a prototype that meets customer needs and can be used to begin acquiring customers. This allows the business to begin building traction, testing assumptions, receiving feedback, and continue validating the business model with the smallest investment of time, capital, and human resources possible.

We provide the following design capabilities to achieve an MVP:

Software Engineering

  • Software Requirements
  • Software Design and Modeling
  • Lean Software Development (Scrum, Agile)
  • Desktop, Web, and Mobile Software Development

Product Design

  • Functional Requirements
  • CAD Modeling
  • CAE Analysis/Simulation
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Form Making

Scale and Grow

If the MVP further validates the business model, resources are refocused on scaling the product and features, as well as marketing. This includes a/b testing landing pages, improving user flows, refining core features, and introducing enhanced feature sets. Press events and releases are coordinated to maximize exposure for the developing business.

Team Transition

XediaLabs works intensively with a startup for 6 - 9 months, then begins a transition plan. This includes making introductions to investors and mentors, assisting with fundraising, and recruiting and training early engineering employees.

Services Offered.


XediaLabs provides comprehensive training and workshops on Lean Startup techniques. Xedialabs intensive training program gives your team the tools and mentorship needed to navigate the early stages of building a startup. Through a structured approach of group discussions, mentor sessions and pre-work deliverables, teams walk away with their business ideas validated, a customer development strategy, a completed market and competitive analysis, a minimum viable product (MVP), and an investor-ready pitch deck.


XediaLabs provides technical consulting services throughout the scale and grow phase to build scalable production ready solutions.


XediaLabs partners with promising startups to accelerate their venture through all phases of the technology and business development life cycle in exchange for equity.


Who we are.

The strength of the team is each member. The strength of each member is the team - Phil Jackson

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